National Dog Day

happy english bulldog in a car

Happy National Dog Day! To celebrate man’s best friend, here are some fun facts to help you understand your dog a little better.   Dogs taste less than humans. They have 1,700 taste buds compared with our 9,000, but their sense of smell is much better, which can range from being 10,000 to 100,000 times […]

How to Maintain a Clean Car

Rear window cleaning

Having a nice-looking car is a top concern among car owners; second only to a good and reliable engine.  However, the part of the car that is often overlooked also happens to be the part that comes in most direct contact with people – the car’s interior.  There are health, safety, and social reasons for […]

Auto Insurance Discounts

Car insurance

These days it is important to save money whenever and wherever you can.  Saving money is the next best thing to actually making money! It will get you closer to a path of financial stability and freedom.  Cars and everything associated with them (gasoline, travel, tolls, and insurance) can get very pricey very fast, especially […]

Stranded on the Side of the Road

Mom and Son Sits Beside the Car While Waiting

We all know that dreaded sound of a car that won’t start or a battery that has lost its juice, but as cringe worthy an experience as that might be, it pales in comparison to being out on the road when some vital piece of your vehicle decides to die on you.  It can be […]

What to Do After a Car Accident

Car accident on the street.

One minute you’re driving along enjoying the day and the next moment…BAM…you’re involved in an accident. Those chaotic moments following an accident can be overwhelming. Emotions will be high, but if you follow simple protocol and remain calm the situation is easily manageable. Truth is no one ever expects to get into a car accident […]

Must-Have Car Accessories

The automobiles of today come with many more accessories than they did just a few years ago. For instance, a navigation system in the dashboard; who would’ve thought?  Believe it or not cup holders used to be considered an add-on. That’s right! You had to pay extra if you wanted a place to put your […]

Celebrating the Fourth of July

Did you know that the original Thirteen Colonies actually voted for their independence from Great Britain on July 2, 1776?  The formal Declaration of Independence wasn’t approved and presented until July 4th, two days later, hence the timing of our annual celebration. It’s estimated that about 200 prints of the Declaration’s finished proofs, known as […]

Summer Solstice

June 21: a day that makes one think of sunshine, the beach, and a fired-up grill is also the first official day of summer.  On this day every year, the sun’s rays strike directly upon the Earth’s Tropic of Cancer, a latitudinal line at 23.5 degrees north.  This is the only day in the entire […]

How Uber and Lyft are Revolutionizing the Industry

The Sharing Economy The relatively recent rise in mobile technology and applications has allowed for some truly innovative new products and services to reach the public.  One sector that has been created out of the mobile revolution is known as the “sharing” economy. The sharing economy refers to using technology to give an individual widespread […]

Road Trips – Do’s and Don’ts

Make sure your road trip is one to remember! More Americans are taking to the roads for vacations than ever before.  Some may think driving long distances has decreased in popularity when compared with the ease of trains and planes, but the allure of the open road remains appealing to many Americans.  There is really […]

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